Monday, January 6, 2014

The future

I made of list of how I'd fall. First to feel it would be the elbows, who'd want to say singe for what happened. Somehow I'd pitch forward, the feet unable to prevent it. Maybe I didn't have gloves on. Anyway, the elbows took it, fall #1. Maybe that's why dad, when I was a boy, said so much about my elbows, how rabbits would procreate there if I didn't get busy with brush and soap right now. I guess I should credit dad for his posture and mine, the two of us standing as if hung by the top of the head. Brewer's Yeast pills, cod liver oil and like remedies had hauled him out of the 1920s, and he wasn't shy about sharing his knowledge with his kids. Add to that what he learned in the Army and love of books and you've got a guy with ideas for what's good for us.

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