Saturday, July 4, 2015

The scapes

 A little olive oil, medium grill. Those were the instructions. I had no hand in the preparation, however. My only part was a clean snip in midafternoon so the wound would have a chance to begin healing before nightfall. I learned how thanks to a video on YouTube. And the snips were indeed clean. I know all about scissors. I harvested only four scapes, handing them over as the wind picked up and the smoke thickened, then I went my own way. The rest of the afternoon passed in a haze. At some point the scapes appeared before me. All I know is they slid down and I experienced the divine. I left the tips for they were as burnt as I’d imagined and seeing them lying on the plate after I was finished brought a measure of relief. At least I know enough to trust my visions. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

The facing of the mezzanine

Hit a ball up there, you won't see it. Lay off the slider down and in. It's all about looking at your scouting reports, and it's three more days, muscle of smoke. 
The blend of smoke and light produced parked cars. What could Do Not Enter mean?
We hope for people's lives where the smoke is.

It’s smokier than ever

I have a feeling it will get worse.

I have a feeling tonight it will hail through the smoke and nail my garlic. It's a critical time. There’s a risk of thunderstorms overnight and active warnings for the fire zone just a block west, so the possibility is there, yet I opted not to pick the garlic scapes for some reason. Sometimes feelings are just feelings. Sometimes you go with them. The scapes have curled around like sleeping bears or thoughts of bears, but this is the first time I’ve grown garlic and I’m not sure they’re fully grown, thus the hesitation, not that they need to be mature to be worthy. I suppose if it doesn’t storm we’ll grill them tomorrow. No amount of oil will keep the pointy ends from burning. That much I know already. 

I have a feeling a bear will unearth my potatoes in the meantime, drool baby potatoes as it heads for the chives. The bear is puffing. I’ve had this feeling for days. The reduced air quality must be causing Smokey Bear flashbacks. Regardless, the chives are especially nice this year, perhaps thanks to the ash.

I have a feeling this feeling in my chest will pass. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

What west looks like before the paint job

They were taking pictures yesterday of the sun in its salmon hue, the way it dove toward Viterra, southwest corner of downtown. People worked out their finances walking home in smoke. Those inclined to do so wrote about hordes of spear descending. On air, the broadcast had broken down, Jays struggling to hold off the Sox. We couldn't tell air from the page of a book.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Special air quality statement in effect

Here we are again, sharing a smoke. Let’s face it, you can never really quit.

Again today the smoke finds my lazy heart and time slows down. Thank goodness. The seconds had been going by too quickly. Now they leap crown to crown and fall, lub dub thump, to the forest floor. Just think of all the blueberries in the coming years. Think of all the bears.

Some say the fire has been burning all along, right from the very beginning, eating its way through the muskeg. Take that, you hot dog eating champions!  
Stick a fork in it, the hot dog eaters would say in reply, or think at least, for who has time to speak with all that chewing going on. Not that I know a thing about such contests.

Mind that airway!  

Risk of a thunderstorm again tonight. Forked lightning right and left. 115 forking holes later we can safely say it’s not quite done.  

My Last Day in This Area After 19 Years

Anything that ends, begins. Northern Saskatchewan smokes the green rising from elms (and I don't mean people of that name) I can see across the parking lot. For now, the smoke brings relief in its cool breeze.
I've sat here many times.
Smoke takes its time, the next 48 hours. So far, I'm breathing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A word to our readers

That's you, thanks for reading.
We're working on another form for this material so will not be hopping for a while. It's all hush-hush, you know. We're not even shhhure about it ourselves.
We'll add further update when we have one.
Thanks again.

Gerald Hill
Brenda Schmidt